Leo Ratzlaff

3 ideas for Nubank

A few words on my ideas for the brazilian fintech.

Jul 21, 2019 3 min read

Elected by Forbes as the best financial institution of 2019, Nubank is a fintech that started its services back in 2014, revolutionizing the credit card market. Almost unintentionally, this bank also became a symbol of customer service; any Brazilian using Twitter nowadays knows how loved they are. An article published in March 2019 on the bank’s blog lists the customer service awards that Nubank has already received.

As a designer, a technology and finance enthusiast and a fan of the company (and customer since June 2016), I have some ideas that I would like to register and share through this text.

1. Grouping purchases

This first idea came up during a recent business trip I took. I paid all my travel expenses (hotel, food, and transportation) using my Nubank credit card, but had some personal expenses among them that time, which obviously would not be included in my reimbursement claim. When I returned from this trip, I had to go through my shopping timeline, identifying what would and would not be refunded.

A simple solution would be to create a kind of group or label and name it “Business Trip to Rio”, linking all travel purchases to it for later consultation in an exclusive listing.

2. Rename purchases definitely

This idea is quite personal and will possibly seem trivial, but one of Nubank’s best features is precisely the attention to details that other banks don’t seem to care about (or didn’t care about until Nu arrived). Every Uber trip I make generates a purchase with the title ‘Uber do Brasil Tecnolo’. The word ‘Tecnologia’ is shortened presumably by a character limit with the idea of ​​keeping the text in one line only. That description makes me uncomfortable, and I always end up renaming it to ‘Uber’.

It would be excellent if the application automatically renamed my purchases, following the one I renamed manually. Or perhaps if it offered options allowing me to rename past and future purchases from the same company.

3. Communicate news through the app

For some time, I’ve been aiming to spend less time on social media. I deleted my Facebook account on January 1, this year, and reduced the number of accounts I follow on Instagram. However, I would not like to be unaware of the next actions and news of companies, technologies, and products I like and use.

It is precisely to learn about releases, news, and opportunities that I follow companies on Twitter (which is the best platform for this, in my opinion).

The problem with Nubank on Twitter is us, the customers. Currently, my timeline is taken over by users humorously declaring themselves to Nubank, showing off the gifts sent by the bank and being replied to. I’ve been part of it myself.

I would like to see Nubank making its news available within the app itself. In fact, I wouldn’t mind pushing notifications in any case of significant news.

The ideas mentioned above, still somewhat vague, need to be explored and better structured to then become features or be discarded. If Nubank wants to talk more about those or other ideas, they know where to find me.