Leonardo Ratzlaff

Pomo King

I designed and developed Pomo King to practice a few skills like graphic design, UI, UX, and web development, and also have a Pomodoro app in the way that I (and a few people I talked to) would like to.

No buttons

Different from the original version, it has no buttons. “But how do I control it?” You don’t. It’s synced to your device clock.

Clock synced to the device

Focus time always starts when the minutes from your device’s clock are at 0 or 30. You focus for 25 and rest for 5. When you’re done, the bell rings.

Custom sounds

A different sound rings when you finish focus time or resting time.

Web development

For developing Pomo King, I used HTML, CSS, and Javascript. The web app is available at bit.ly/pomoking.